(English) Enduro Golovec trails | A five star fifth edition

Ni prevoda

Some relaxed racing in Ljubljana as part of Ljubljana MTB Vikend festival after the SloEnduro’s season ranking became final.

Two hundred riders were not scared off by some mud on the course of fifth edition of Golovec trails enduro race last Sunday. Golovec trails is a trail system on a hill just outside of city of Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. The Golovec trails club crew are the pioneers of legal community trail building in Slovenia.

It happened that this time the enduro race opened the Ljubljana MTB Vikend festival instead of closing it. Due to rain the event originally planned for Friday and Saturday were moved to afternoon from Wednesday to Friday in the following week. See updated festival schedule here. http://ljubljanamtbvikend.si/#schedule

Even more relaxed after the points chase is over
After a long season of SloEnduro series races in Slovenia and Croatia with no less than seven events this year, it was time for a SloEnduro »promotional event« Enduro Golovec trails, a fun event know for attracting a good crowd every year. While the series races are trying to be a challenge for the serious racers and a step into international enduro racing, the Golovec hill race has a less demanding course, simpler rules and more age classes.

So apart from the team jersey wearing up-and-coming youngsters and the seasoned racers and with just a few Croatian and Italian guests there were many new riders on the start list. Some may try out their skills on a big league race next year or even just return to Golovec in a year’s time when there will most probably be a new trail or at least a section waiting.

As for the mud goes: after the sun came out on time for the roll-out, there was still lots of sliding and crashing on the stages but with no serious work for the medical crews. The wide grins after the ride outnumbered any sore limbs.

The fastest
The usual suspects ended on top of the overall result lists while there were some surprises in the age classes.

David Ivartnik (Golovec trails) and World Cup downhill rider Jure Žabjek, a next door neighbour to the trails, put un a duel for the overall win. David was the fastest on first special stage, but then he started making mistakes and Jure won the remaining three stages and the overall by 16 seconds. Junior rider Rok Svete (Golovec trails) surprised with third overall.

In women’s overall results Nika Pečan (Rajd Ljubljana) took first in front of Maja Vojska (MBK Črni Vrh) and teammate Kaja Berginc.

E-bike riders had an extra category, an uphill »power stage« but it was later cancelled because a number of participants missed the course. The cancellation of this stage didn’t hurt local rider Iztok Slapnik (Golovec trails) who was the fastest all the classic enduro stages on his e-bike and took the win the category.

Short course
64 riders of under 13 and under 15 categories raced on the three stage course. After crashing on the first stage Ažbe Kalinšek (Bikehanic – 20 Chocolate) won the U15 boys category race and Kostja Matijevec Jerman (Golovec trails) the U13 boys race. 

Eva Zala Stergar (DGK Pohorje – Spank team) beat Patricija Mihajlovič (Rajd Ljubljana) in U15 girls while Eva Podvornik (DGK Pohorje – Spank team) was the only U13 girl on course.

All the results here http://www.sloenduro.com/rezultati-2022/

Photos by Grega Stopar