The new slopestyle line in Podutik was built last year with the aim of providing an opportunity for learning and practicing tricks, thus strengthening the freestyle youth in Slovenia. It consists of 2 jumps located above the G-Shock line and already invites cycling enthusiasts right from the entrance to the park.

On it, an international FMB competition will take place on Saturday, which is part of the slopestyle discipline’s World Cup. Competitors will have the chance to collect points contributing to their overall ranking on the world leaderboard.

They will showcase their skills, performing highly demanding, high, and creative tricks in 2 runs on 2 jumps. The better score of the two runs will determine the top 12 finalists.

The entry fee for participating in the competition is 20 EUR and includes voucher for food and drinks. REGISTRATION FORM >

Training for the competition will begin on Friday, the first day of training. After Saturday’s training, the qualifications and finals will follow. For a detailed schedule, you can check here.

Anyone with a valid FMB license can participate in the competition, which can be obtained for free on the FMB website. The number of spots in the competition is limited to 30, so hurry up with your registration and don’t miss the opportunity to showcase your best tricks!

Entry to the event area is free of charge.