Discipline, that we all used to know and ride, must be on the schedule here and there. The dual slalom track is a permanent feature of the Bike Park Ljubljana and is often used for duels and training, this year we’re putting it in the official program of the festival. With start gates, fans and everything that comes along.

The track is non-technical and suitable for basically every mountain biker, but we of course also want to see riders from the glory days of the sport on the race.

Basics for Dual slalom

Location: Bike Park Ljubljana, Podutik, Ljubljana

Date: 17th September 2022

Organizer: Cycling club Rajd, www.kd-rajd.si, FB/IG/TWI @KDRajd / #KDRajd


Registration is done on the event form.

Registration fee:

Registration fee for Dual slalom is 10 EUR

Payment can be done via bank transfer of with cash on the day of the event


Women (13+)*

Men (13+)*

*In the event of a large number of applications, the categories may be further divided.


  • Men’s and women’s category will have a separate podium for juniors (U19), but they will race all in one group. The ceremony is for the top 3 riders.
  • All riders ride one qualification ride with timing.
  • Finals are top 32 riders based on qualification time. In case of less than registered 24 riders, finals will be only with 16 riders.
  • The Rider with better time, chooses the line on the start gate. In all the next rounds, the line is changed each time.
  • The run is won with two rides won. There is no timing in the finals. In the case of 1:1, the third run is done which determines the winner.
  • The rider can only ride on his track during each run. Crossing the rider’s line can lead to disqualification.
  • We are racing by Fair Play principle. The organizer has the option to disqualify the rider due to subjective reasons.
  • A fully functional bike and a full face helmet is obligatory for the race.