Show and prove that you excel in all elements of riding – going uphill and downhill. Bike Park Ljubljana will be the right terrain to show how good you are, but there’s a catch – you will have to ride all five challenges with the same bicycle. Which means that on this day everybody can finish on top as each of us is better at one thing and worse at other. You will choose when (inside the set time frame) you will ride certain discipline and how many tries will you do. You can go once, twice… ten times if you want. Only exception is the final enduro stage that each participant will only be able to ride once.

If you’re really good on your bike, then this is your chance to shine and get crowned as KING or QUEEN OF BIKE PARK LJUBLJANA.


Location: Bike Park Ljubljana, Podutik, Ljubljana

Date: 19th September 2020

Organizer: Cycling club Rajd,, FB/IG/TWI @KDRajd / #KDRajd

Registration fee: 10 EUR
Registration and payment is done on website


PUMP TRACK; number of laps will be set before the competition, individual ride with stopwatch

DUAL; individual descent on the dual slalom track

XCO; one lap on the new XC course

UPHILL; short, but intense for sure

ENDURO; one enduro stage that will be also an unofficial prologue for the Golovec Trails Enduro

Categories and the total number of competitors

Women 15-35 years

Women 35+ years

Women E-bike; one category for all, minimum age is 15 years old

Men 15-18 years

Men 19-34 years

Men 35+ years

Men E-bike; one category for all, minimum age is 15 years old

Organizers deserves the right to set upper limit on the total number of the competitors. This decision will be taken after several tests on the tracks and in order to assure smooth execution of the race and that we’ll follow potential restrictions that will be still in place in September. With quick registration you’ve nothing to worry about and you will get a number plate for your bike.

Each of the disciplines will be race against time, victory will go to the rider with the fastest time (for both female and male). 20 fastest riders from each discipline will be awarded with points, overall winner will be the one with most points.


1st place

25 points


6th place

15 points


11th place

10 points


16th place

5 points

2nd place

22 points


7th place

14 points


12th place

9 points


17th place

4 points

3rd place

20 points


8th place

13 points


13th place

8 points


18th place

3 points

4th place

18 points


9th place

12 points


14th place

7 points


19th place

2 points

5th place

16 points


10th place

11 points


15th place

6 points


20th place

1 point

Additional rules linked to the overall ranking

– If two riders have the same amount of points, the winner is the one with more better results in the individual disciplines.

– Enduro stage is open for all competitors of the SloEnduro 4Fun Golovec Trails race, even if they don’t enter King & Queen of Bike Park Ljubljana competition. Points will be awarded to 20 fastest riders that compete for King & Queen of Bike Park Ljubljana competition.


Riders with most points in male and female categories will be declared King & Queen of Bike Park Ljubljana for 2020. We’ll also award category overall and discipline winners.


Best riders of the day will be awarded with practical and symbolic awards. There will be no price money. We encourage internal and friendly rivalry and personal bets; we might even hang up a board so you can share them with others. ??

Bike & Gear

– Use of the bicycle helmet is mandatory. Organizer strongly suggest the use of the full-face helmet, legs/knees & arm protection and body protection.

– Every competitor has to race all disciplines with the same bike, it’s not allowed to change bikes during the day. Every bicycle will get a tag at the time of registration.

– It’s allowed to use dropper seat posts.

– Competitors in the e-bike category have to use stock certified e-bicycle. We don’t have the technological option to check your software, so we expect a fair-play competition from all of you. We reserve the right for disqualification of the rider if we have justified suspicion that the power output has been increased or that bicycle was modified in any other way.


Registration will be open on We’ll post the date of open registration on all of our channels. Rider will have to pay deposit for the timing chip at the time of registration.


Competitors don’t need a racing license from the national cycling federation.


There is no official practice. Bike Park Ljubljana is open on most of the non-rainy days in the year and you can practice as much as you like. All trails will be closed in the morning on the day of competition, individual parts will be also closed in the days before the event.


Time will be measured with the help of wireless transponders. Rider will get it at the time of registration, the transponder will have to be on the bike throughout the competition. Transponders will be collected after the last challenge of the day.

Additional rules & notifications

– We expect a fair-play competition from all entrants. Please move aside if somebody is faster on the XC course. Or maybe wait in line if you already had several shots at one competition and others didn’t.

– Results of the individual challenges will be displayed during the day, which will help you decide if you would like to do more runs or not.

– No assistance is allowed in the time of the official runs (timekeeping).

– Event will take place regardless of the weather conditions.

– Organizers reserves the right to change the rules of the competition.