Riding pump track is always fun, and we absolutely love it when we can send our bikes down the waves and berms of the Ljubljana’s city pump tracks (called KoloPark). The fun will however get serious for one day, as we will organize the first Slovenian Pump Track Championships. The race will take place in Nove Fužine and is also a part of the B4X series.

Pump track is now also an official UCI discipline and we should have got first world champs later in the season, but that is not going to happen due the pandemic. But we’ll get Slovenian champs – after the battle on what we consider the best pump track in the area. Race categories span from U7 to elite and masters; the race is open to everyone, but only Slovenians with the racing license can become champions.

Each rider will do one timed lap in the qualifications (with flying start), up to 32 fastest will continue to the elimination rounds. Lap time will decide on the round winners, all the way to the big finals and first ever pump track champ.

The competition is also a part of the B4X Series.

The race will take place on KoloPark Nove Fužine in Ljubljana.

Štartnina za tekmovanje znaša 10 EUR, prijave in plačilo pa se uredi preko portala Prijavim.se:

Full race bulletin (Slovenian, PDF) – send us an email for full details in English.