First edition of the Ljubljana MTB Vikend will take place in the last days of the annual European Mobility Week – one week in the year when cycling rules all shapes & forms of traffic. Ljubljana will also host Velo-City 2020 conference at the same time, meaning that the city streets will be flooded with cyclists. For this reason, it’s only fair that we start the festival with the round table and talk about mountain biking.

But we’ll not just talk, we’ll mostly ride! We’ll publish exact locations & timetable well ahead of time, for now we can reveal that we’ll ride on Golovec and Polhov Gradec Dolomites, as well on gravel pathways of Ljubljana Marshes. We’ve a surprise or two up our sleeves, so expect more on that in the future.

Organizers of the festival will provide guiding for all group rides. You’ll be able to join for free via online registration.